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Aims of the Gloucester Art Trail Organisation
Gloucester Art Trail Organisation (GATO) is an unincorporated, voluntary organisation formed to promote visual art and other arts in Gloucester for the benefit of the city and the county by way of an annual festival. The annual festival will consist of an Art Trail incorporating various sites around the city of Gloucester and the immediate area. The Art Trail will comprise principally of exhibitions of visual art, performance art and dance, but will not exclude secondary events such as musical performance, theatre and recital where practicable to include them.
GATO aims to provide workshop events, talks and demonstrations of professional practice that are relevant to the promotion, production and participatory enjoyment of visual art. It aims to help create and sustain links within the diverse sections of the wider community of the city and to encourage artists and art organisations in the production and exhibition of their work. The Art Trail sites aims to incorporate: All existing art galleries and venues (public, independent and commercial). Temporary exhibition sites. Works of art or performance in other venues, both indoor and out. Historical buildings, parks and sites of interest in Gloucester. Workshops, events and activities linked to the Art Trail. The Art Trail information will be by way of a published trail map that includes all of the above and may incorporate a secondary route for commercial subscribers. This information may include art suppliers, framers, cafes, restaurants, public houses and other suitable information deemed relevant to the festival aims by the organisers. The Trail Map may also include community information and commercial advertising that is unrelated to the Art Trail, providing it is deemed appropriate in content and form by the organisers. GATO aims to act as a co-ordinating and facilitating service to establish the Art Trail. It will arrange venues and schedules; book artists and commission work where appropriate, publish literature and promote events. It will seek funding and sponsorship for the Art Trail locally, nationally and internationally. It will seek to establish and maintain links with local communities and to encourage them to participate in Art Trail events and activities. It will seek to establish and maintain links with art organisations, individual practitioners, schools and colleges, and encourage them to participate in Art Trail events and activities. It will seek support from local businesses and encourage them to foster and participate in Art Trail events and activities. It will provide support for working partners to ensure good practice and successful activities. It will strive to provide a meaningful, educational and enjoyable festival for the benefit of the people of Gloucester and beyond; to increase visitor footfall and revenue to the city and county and to supply a platform of opportunity to art practitioners.