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Schedule of workshops open to all comers!
Held in conjunction with the TWASI exhibition
           in May 09 at
                Nature in Art,
Wallsworth Hall, Twigworth, GL2 9PA.
Sat. May 23rd.
Chris Saunderson - Painting acrylic on board.

Chris works as an illustrator and is well known as an award winning artist for his distinctive technique of painting acrylic onto textured board. He held a workshop demonstrating the methods he uses to achieve his unique style at Nature in Art last July which was much enjoyed by all who took part. Come and have another go or try it for the first time.
Vic Sharratt - photography
Vic is well known for his stunning photography from subjects captured all round the world as well as closer to home. Come and benefit from his great fund of knowledge and experience of all aspects of photography.

Sun. May 24th.
Marion Kardasz - Painting on silk

Marion produces exquisite paintings on silk and has developed her own very distinctive style gaining a number of awards along the way. Learn how she achieves these beautiful results and enjoy working in this fascinating medium.

Mon. May 25th.
Derek Walker - Approach to drawing

Derek regularly holds workshops near his home.He describes this one thus - ' Its the start of the process of drawing, we will look at four parts: loosening up, the materials, the techniques and the methods. Just bring your imagination, no materials required or preconceived ideas; we will start to develop your sight and your skills - the rest is up to you.'

Thurs. May 28th.
Sue Lees - Batik

Sue divides her time between her work as resident artist and illustrator at Bristol Zoo and developing her art as a wildlife painter in her own right. She has many achievements to her credit in a variety of media but is particularly well known for her batik work. Her workshops are always immensely popular.

Fri. May 29th.
Valerie Briggs - Animal portraiture

Val is well known for her wonderful animal studies in pencil, watercolour and pastel. She holds many workshops and gives illustrated talks all around the Midlands. Come and benefit from her skills and let her impart to you the methods that she uses to achieve such beautiful detailed work.

Sat. May 30th.
Trevor Smith - An introduction to sketching birds in flight

Trevor specialises in working from life and has been sketching and painting birds for more than 25 years producing a comprehensive book on the subject. In the last 9 years he has held regular workshops at WWT Slimbridge. This workshop will cater for a range of abilities, from improvers to more experienced artists. He hopes to be able to offer help to the terror struck, and maybe a few tips to those who are a little rusty! Topics will include: Basic avian anatomy, the use of simple shapes to create form in flight, field sketching techniques and integrating the flying bird with landscapes.

        All workshops will be 25 per person for a full day from 10 am - 5 pm including a buffet lunch.
Booking forms from: John Horton. Tel. 01905381605 .